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Monday, August 1, 2016

Beware False Freedom Fighters & Patriots.

Beware False Freedom Fighters & Patriots.

We have all watched the hate spew out to try and spark a civil unrest in America there are instigators in this country working to get black men and women upset with those whom are white. They are doing pretty good at lying and manipulating people into a frenzy and its tearing the country apart.
Many black leaders are working to combat this manipulation, however this is not all thats going on.
Within the Black community there are those whom sit at home and surf the internet to cause unrest, rile people up and build intensity in others.

Now I didn't write this because of the BLM problem in America, we have equally some very angry intense people working to separate patriots from their honor by pushing for civil unrest and hate themselves.
The Media can be blamed for allot of issues with Black Lives Matter, but the same is true on the other side there are folks combing facebook, and even forums gathering 3 and 4 party sources that are guesses at best and are getting people riled up with only third party guest articles. They do this as often as they can often overwhelming groups. And before you know it you have a bunch of very pissed off people following someone else goals. It doesn't take long before there is a strong intense setting in these groups that can explode out into our streets.

This is American, patriots are honorable people and the last thing they want to do is tear the country apart and ruin their neighborhoods.
But there are those that wont stop until they get people into a frenzy and start acting stupid. The Black Lives Matter instigators are not on the street they sit at home do nothing and go no where but they push others to hate hate hate. Patriots are capable of the same if not careful beware the sheep in wolves clothing they say and there are plenty of these so called patriots that want civil unrest but will sit at home and type as fast as they can getting stories and misinformation, just like the BLM moment does.

Sure be upset with the way things are in this country but be wary those wanting you to put their tin foil hat on and replace your patriotism and honor. No war has ever been won by following the key board commandos, and many a key board commando and their followers have ended up in jail following those who build the intensity in groups until someone does something stupid. And guess what those keyboard commandos wont be anywhere in sight to bail you out of jail or save your behind.

We want to support our candidates, we want our rights preserved but keep a clear head and do not let keyboard commandos get in you head. Because they sure as hell wont be there when the dust clears.
We need to work together and keep a unity, not be duped into stuff we can't do and will get locked up. I am not talking SHTF and lets all join up, I am talking America is still in peace time within her borders don't let others guide your good sense. These key board commandos can't do what they would like so they work feverishly to gather support and start pushing others harder and harder. To where you think the world is ending today right this minute.

Again not talking about SHTF and preparedness I am talking about those working to cause chaos and calling it patriotism . Each person has the right as well to have an opinion within the stems of their groups policies. many use this protection to drive their own agendas of intensity and chaos.

Beware the keyboard commandos , yes this may sound humorous I assure you its serious business these people will work hard to turn hearts and minds. We need to bring this country together not tear it apart. As patriots we have a duty if called, but don't be fooled there has been no phone call yet lets not get a head of our selves be ready, but stand tall and be honorable working to keep Americans Unity best we can for as long as we can, until we are called. Keyboard Commandos can't make that call for you.