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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Let face it we have all know that Katie Couric is the lap dog of the liberal adgenda, she wouldn't have an original thought or report if it landed on her lap. In reality she is not even a reporter she is a figure for all that is wrong in the media. If she was a true reporter she would know her quotes :
We simple back stepping and something Katie would never allow conservatives alone.
In more recent years the media is coming under fire for reporters time and time again not just missing facts, but out right lying and making it up as they go along. The media has become a laughing stock and is about as fake as watching an episode of the Khardasians.

Katie Couric had come under fire for the deceptive editing of her gun violence "documentary" titled "Under the Gun." It was revealed earlier this week that Couric and her producer manufactured a scene in the documentary that made a group of gun rights activists appear like dumbstruck, speechless morons when faced with a Couric "gotcha" question on background checks. The backlash was swift, exactly as it should have been. Couric and her team are masquerading as journalists, like much of the mainstream media does on a regular basis. The current level of trust in the media is virtually non-existent. A recent pollshows that a paltry 6% have "a lot of confidence" in the media.
Nevertheless, propagandist Couric issued some word salad that many are construing as an apology, including her fellow media harpies.
I am not for government control far from it, but the media needs to be held accountable for when they mislead and lie to the public that has devastating affects.

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