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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Real Enemy to Gun Rights

The Real Enemy to Gun Rights.

There is along list of people in this country taking aim at the left as the cause for problems we have, we ( the right ) may have a majority in Washington, and well where is the pro-gun legislation ? It has been awhile since Oregon and Washington had a majority in Oregon politics, but doing research when they did have majority many times they did nothing to increase the protections you and I need to have. If fact most republicans in office do very little at all on their own, even the NRA's impact is nill here. When was the last time OFF in Oregon presented legislation for pro-active gun rights ? In fact when was the last time anyone did anything on the west coast to protect rights and get pro-active results when they had a majority. In fact there is very little offensive actions by OFF since 1998 most has been defensive.

Now the heading The Real Enemy to Gun Rights, is not to say OFF is our enemy nor to say pro-gun politicians are, but as the saying goes what have you done for us lately comes to mind.
It is very easy for OFF and Politicians to wait for a law/bill and a problem and then run to work a defense and make it seem like they are accomplishing something when it passes anyways.
Why in the west the left may be playing most cards lately, lets ask where was all the needed proactive work to get laws in place that protect us when we had the majority, and not just running out and playing defense.

I know when we think at times of fellow gun owners we think about the conservative crowd because somehow we put loyalty directly at groups that have done very little to be pro-active where it matters. To put the blame on anyone on the left for voting for anti-gun politicians and then to not see the conservative sides sits and blames the left why playing defense is just silly.
Is there an effect when left sides gun owners vote for left politician in most cases yes. Is there a effect when the right donates money to lobbies and votes in politicians that for decades did not pass bills when they could have, to protect us in the future yet now we just blame one side for the problem? Are they not responsible too ? Yes !!

A couple articles have come up lately in NWFA about reaching across the isle to to reach other gun owners on the left, and the response is often well why should we reach out to people who vote for anti-gun politicians. And a response to that is why do some donate to failed lobbys and politicians when they had majority did nothing and now only play defense? So is the problem the left votes for people that may pass bad bills, or that our side is so poorly organized we even oppose fellow gun owners and want to blame them when our side waits and sees.

If we are going to blame the left for how they vote we better look in the mirror and ask where is our lobby donations and political votes going for, if no changes ever occur.

I for one am tired of everyone blaming each other for the problems as gun owners, when the people like lobbys and politicians can and could make changes they don't. Yet we keep dumping money and accepting the results as if they are all we get to demand.

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